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What we’re about- Building Resilient Communities

Vivo Living was founded in 2020 at the onset of the global pandemic. Even before the pandemic, there was a serious shortage of affordably priced housing across the country. Sudden job and income loss from the Covid-19 imposed shutdown, left even more people unable to pay their rent and at risk for becoming unhoused. At the same time, business and vacation travel came to a sudden halt, putting many hotels on unstable financial footing and pushing many hotel owners to consider leaving the business. That is when Vivo Living’s founders decided that these empty hotels could be reimagined and repurposed into critically needed, affordably priced rental housing.

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Dan Norville
President & Founder

Dan has a long career in the real estate industry as an investor and developer and has also served in various roles in Real Estate Investment Banking and Private Equity. Dan founded his first company (also in Real Estate) in 2012 and subsequently three more companies since then, and is responsible for overseeing underwriting, research, institutional capital raising, business development and deal negotiation. Dan is also responsible for sourcing and establishing new transactions for the firm. His career has encompassed the structuring, financing, acquisition, disposition, leveraged buyout, valuation and due diligence of over $1.0 billion in completed real estate as well as corporate M&A transactions.